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Is Your Inner Critical Voice Damaging Your Self Esteem?

  How do you feel when someone criticises you?  Generally it’s not a very pleasant experience.  Even constructive criticism kindly delivered can sometimes be a little difficult to stomach but harsh, unfair criticism can be devastating and can lead to a loss of confidence and self esteem.  Now considering how much we dislike it, it’s […]

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Increase Your Confidence With Body Language Lessons From A Hollywood Icon

If you  exhibit poor body language  you can find yourself ignored, patronised, bullied and it can really knock your confidence and eat away at your self esteem.  But  if you needed some body language lessons where would you go?  Well you could do no worse than look at some screen clips of screen legend Marilyn […]

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5 Tips to rediscovering old skills

Do you ever think about skills that you’ve had in the past, but you don’t currently use? It may be something that you did as a child such as playing a musical instrument, playing a particular sport, speaking a language.  Perhaps there are even things that you used to do that you now don’t even […]

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Lessons from the world’s oldest yoga teacher

Like many people recently I was stunned to hear about Tao Porchon-Lynch who has been declared by the Guinness World Records that she is now the world’s oldest yoga teacher and remarkably aged 93 she has absolutely no intention of stopping.   This beautifully  poised woman, with agility which would put many of us who […]

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What can we learn about self-esteem and self-confidence from Steve Jobs

There are many column inches already written in tribute to Steve Jobs who died on the 5th October 2011 of pancreatic cancer. The common consensus appears to be that he was a difficult man to work for but no one can deny the impact that he had across the globe with the iconic items he […]

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