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Quirky Motivators – Why I Think Of Every Day As May 1st

One that I have been using to great effect over the last 6 months is thinking that every day is May 1st. Alright I know it sounds slightly mad but  it’s a technique that I started to used to boost my motivation and help control any negative self talk. Let me explain further. I’ve always […]

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5 Tips to rediscovering old skills

Do you ever think about skills that you’ve had in the past, but you don’t currently use? It may be something that you did as a child such as playing a musical instrument, playing a particular sport, speaking a language.  Perhaps there are even things that you used to do that you now don’t even […]

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5 Tips for Developing Mental Toughness

I don’t know how Andrew Murray is feeling following his defeat in the semi-final stage of the Australian Open, but I guess even with the best will in the world his self confidence is likely to have taken a bashing after his defeat and he is probably finding it difficult not to replay easy points […]

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5 Tips to Avoid the Dangers of Being Stuck in a Cycle of Negative Self-Talk

We all know how easy it is to be hurt by the words of other people, but how often do we consider how much we hurt ourselves by using negative self-talk.  “I’m too fat”, “I’m useless at Maths”, I’m no good with money”, “I’m a terrible parent”, “I’m not as clever as they are…”  The […]

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5 Top Tips to Avoid Negative Self-Talk

Are you the type of person who cannot accept a compliment?  Someone tells you that they like what you’re wearing and instead of accepting the compliment you immediately make a comment about looking overweight.  Someone compliments you on the meal you have cooked, but you’re thinking that it would have been better if you’d added […]

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